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Edwin G. Fischer, Jr.

With fifteen years in investment management experience, Ted joined Parsons Capital Management in 1998 as a portfolio manager and director of research. Before joining Parsons, he founded and sold a successful mail order and retail company.

Ted is active in several organizations in the community. He is a member of the board of directors at The Slater Mill Foundation where he is chairman of the investment committee. He served on the board of Meeting Street School for more than 10 years and remains active as a member of the finance committee. He is the former president of the IGWE Trust, an investment club considered to be the oldest in the country.

Ted attended Tabor Academy and graduated from Hobart College with a degree in economics. His professional memberships include the CFA Institute and the Providence Society of Financial Analysts.

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"Ted manages several endowment funds for organizations throughout the region. Ted specializes in developing highly tailored investment policy statements for both individuals and non-profits."